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White Conference Latest

image for this articleScores and standings in the White Conference. (Photo Ed Hagerty)

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Unsung Hero of Try of the Year

image for this articleThe Try of the Year. Well certainly it was that. We here at ERugbyNews would like to note the almost ignored link in this try, but a link that, had it not occurred, would have meant no score and no accolades. (Normally known for his play in tight quarters, Alec Parker showed great skill against the Springboks. Ian Muir photo.)

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World Cup Never Predictable

image for this articleSouth Africa wins a weird and unpredictable World Cup. Photos Ian Muir.

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Paris Ready for Final

image for this articleAll anxiously await another shocker. There have been plenty. (Ian Muir photo)

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Our Woman in France - Part Deux

image for this articleRugby Magazine's own Jackie Finlan makes it to the South, and the wonders of the Montpellier rugby scene.

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Our Woman in France - 1

image for this articleRugby Magazine's own Jackie Finlan gives us a fan's view of a trip to France, a little rugby, a secret cave, and learning the truly civilized way to enjoy this game.

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Notes and Quotes from Montpellier

image for this articleUS and South African players and coaches give their opinions. (Z Ngwenya rightfully celebrates a lovely try. Ian Muir photo.)

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South Africa Blasts Fractured USA

image for this articleSpirited but disorganized, the Eagles show they can play exciting rugby, but they are not able to contain a very impressive South Africa side. (Chris Wyles was solid at the back for the USA. Ian Muir photo)

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World Cup Notes - Young and Old

image for this articleIt was a day to recognize the young and the old, and look ahead to tomorrow's final match for the USA. (Ian Muir photos.)

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Australia Runs by Canada

image for this articleNot unexpected, the Aussies get their backs going and pull away in the second half. Canada defends gamely, but cannot get a try and leave the World Cup with three losses and one tie in four games.

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Thorburn Ponders Final Game

image for this articleUSA head coach Peter Thorburn will walk away after tomorrow's game against South Africa. ERugbyNews caught up with him to ask his thoughts on leaving. Ian Muir photos)

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Stanfill - We Need to Sharpen Up

image for this articleLooking ahead to their final World Cup game, the USA team doesn't worry too much about who they are playing - they're more concerned with addressing issues in their own house. (Not pretty. It's always a battle for Lou Stanfill and the Eagles, and they have to battle for 80 minutes. Ian Muir photo.)

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New No. 8s as USA, SA Name XVs

image for this articleSchalk Burger is back from suspension and in at an unfamiliar position, while the pride of San Diego, Dan Payne, makes a remarkable comeback to earn a starting spot. (San Diego State head coach and OMBAC stalwart Dan Payne gets his first World Cup start. Richard Lane photo.)

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Injury and Lineup News for USA

image for this articleMostly positive news on the injury front as Tasi Mounga is expected to rejoin the team on his own two feet. But in the final game of the World Cup, will coach Peter Thorburn feel the pressure to get everyone on the field? (80-minute men. Parker and Osentowski have not taken a rest all tournament. Ian Muir photo for ERugbyNews.)

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World Cup Stats, What They Tell Us

image for this articleA look at some of the in-game stats and how they show us what the USA and Canada are doing right, and for sure what they are doing wrong.

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