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News from DII Colleges

image for this articleAmong the winners this week, Bentley College (pictured)

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Stony Brook Goes 4-0

image for this articleClose game and dramatic finish keeps Stony Brook perfect in MetNY.

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URI Starts Strong

image for this articleRhode Island my be small but their rugby team puts up big numbers.

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DII College Update

image for this articleScores from around the country. Including reports on Stony Brook and Georgetown.

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New Eng College DII Report

image for this articleScores as they come in.

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Davenport Starts Life in Varsity Rugby

image for this articleBig win in first varsity game.

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CSULB Names Qinnn Head Coach

image for this articleThe Long Beach State Rugby club has named alum Kyle Quinn as their new head coach.

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Services Planned for Popular Player Presumed Drowned

image for this articlePlans for a memorial service for Temple University rugby player Josias Sterling are tentatively planned for August 8-9.

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What is Real DII College Rugby

image for this articleWhat is a DII college team? If it's judged by enrollment, how do our Top 25 rankings stack up? Which teams are punching above their weight, and which teams should be in DI? We look at the numbers. (Tiny Middlebury in blue versus huge Wisconsin in white. Dobson Images.)

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Middlebury Ends Perfect Season Perfectly

image for this articleVermont DII program returns to the championship podium. (Numina Photo)

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Middlebury, Wisconsin Win

image for this articleWisconsin and Middlebury will meet in the menís DII college final Saturday after each won their semifinal. (Miami in blue, Wisconsin in white. Richard Ersted, Golden Bear Sports photo)

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DII Big Four Around Corner

image for this articleCan the outsiders from DC surprise everyone again? (Georgetown from earlier this season against Virginia. Marshall Sports Media photo.)

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Middlebury Jumps Back In

image for this articleThe only DII men's college team that repeats in the national semis, Middlebury's no-name team is happy to be back, and away from a tough South Florida team (Alex Goff photo)

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Wisconsin Downs ASU

image for this articleBadgers make it to DII semis with team effort. (Wisconsin, in white, bottles up speedy ASU. Alex Goff photo.)

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Top-Ranked DII Team Upset

image for this articleBut and that's not the only upset. But overall the DII rankings hold relatively true.

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