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93 7s Tournaments, and Possibly More

image for this article7s tournaments are played all over the United States. We list them, and ask for your help. (Spiegler photo)

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7s Seedings Make Some Irate

image for this articleWas it right that NOVA went 5-1 and only won the Bowl? We look at that question, and also which territories will be worried for next year's tournament. (Scott Fraser for NOVA. Dobson Images.)

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What the 7s Tells Us

image for this articleA photo gallery of the Club 7s Championships and some observations, quotes, and notes.

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SFGG Wins Plate, NOVA Bowl

image for this articleSome consolation on Sunday. Mile Pulu happy to run. Dobson Images.

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Full Club 7s Day Two Scores

image for this articleAll the scores and how everyone finished. (Dobson Images)

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Belmont Shore Surfs to 7s Title

image for this article(MVP Peter Sio scores three in final over Aspen. Dobson Images)

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Big Play Day One at Club 7s

image for this articleThe first day of the USA Rugby Club 7s Championships is done and we know the top eight and the bottom four. (Dobson Images)

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Latest Club 7s Championships Scores

image for this articleScores and standings from Day One. (Luke Waikamakama assesses his options for Atlanta Old White. Dobson Images)

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Club 7s Championships on Webcast Live

image for this articleSee our link

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USA Club 7s Roster - Pool D

image for this articleAspen seems to be the pick of this pool, but the other three are all the sorts of teams you'd do well to respect. (Like Boston and Duran Vota, Ed Hagerty photo.)

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USA Club 7s Rosters - Pool C

image for this article2007 club 7s MVP Austin Britts (Matt Potchad photo) comes back to help the Chicago Lions challenge in a very nasty pool.

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USA Club 7s Rosters - Pool B

image for this articleOMBAC is young and untested, but they could still surprise. Or could it be favored Belmont Shore, or always unpredictable Old Blue. (Can Marco Barnard spark Old Blue? Ian Muir photo.)

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USA Club 7s Rosters - Pool A

image for this articleWe look at the rosters from Pool A, and highlight some of the leading players. (Max de Achaval will look for options with Denver. Ed Hagerty photo.)

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Experts Pick Club 7s Contenders

image for this articleNot content with coming up with our own picks for the National Club 7s Championships, we at ERugbyNews enlisted the help of some longtime experts in the game to get their choices for winners and losers.

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SFGG Feel Pressure of Home Team

image for this articleHosting the 7s club championships and playing in it isn't always easy.

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