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USAR Rules Not Strong Enough

image for this articleEd Hagerty says the single-school teams at the national championships should abide by a different, and stricter, set of eligibility rules than USA Rugby sets forth. (Ed Hagerty photo.)

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Plans Stifle HS Rugby

image for this articlePart 2 of 2 - Ed Hagerty looks at reader comments that address where USA Rugby is going wrong with regard to High School rugby. (Ed Hagerty photo)

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Your Voice - Readers Sound off on New High School Rules

image for this articleAn opinion column by Ed Hagerty, who looks at the changes in high school rugby rules that have angered many in the game and are stifling high school rugby's growth. Part 1 of 2. (Ed Hagerty photo)

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Phasing Out HS Championship a Poor Idea

image for this articleContributing editor Ed Hagerty lashes out at the decision to discontinue the High School National Championship in three years. (Xavier v Gonzaga at last season's championships. Ed Hagerty photo.)

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Opinion: Lose with Americans

image for this articleEd Hagerty looks at whether bringing in people from overseas - whether it's the head coach or USA-eligible players - will make any difference for the men's national team. (Galwegians scrumhalf Robbie Shaw qualifies for the USA, but should he be targeted? Rob Wagner, www.dropkickphotos.com.)

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Opinion - Ending the NASC Wrong Move

image for this articleThe National All-Star Championships was a chance for any player to make a case for national team selection. It wasn't broke, so why fix it? An Opinion Column and photo by Ed Hagerty.

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