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Goff on Rugby

Hawaii to Celebrate USA Rugby Membership

image for this articleBecoming a part of USA Rugby is only the beginning.

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Santa Barbara Rugby Academy Kicks Off

image for this articleInaugural year for academy has started well.

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DI Women Top 25

image for this articleMany movements and six new teams in the rankings. (Penn State moving the ball. Brad Davis photo)

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Keystone Upset Shakes Up WPl East

image for this articleWomen's Premier Leaders Beantown suffer defeat, and now everyone's all locked up at the top. (Keystone's effort is spearheaded by flyhalf Ines Rodriguez, Ian Muir photo)

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Financial Report Highlights ROugh 2008 for USA Rugby

image for this articleCash reserves were depleted as USA Rugby handled a more than $600,000 shortfall.

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Bonnies Happy with Start

image for this articleJumping from DII college rugby to DI isn't easy, but the change seems to agree with a hard-charging, hard-working St. Bonaventure team.

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BC Still Tops in ARC

image for this articleSweeps Canadian field.

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Big Win for Ontario

image for this articleDown The Rock 32-5 and leapfrog them in the ARC standings.

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Ivy League Round 3

image for this articleEd Hagerty's words and photos roundup of Round 3 of the Ivy League.

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Women DI Club Rundown

image for this articlePhiladelphia over Boston. Photo by Ravel Lopko. All the scores and standings from this weekend.

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News from DII Colleges

image for this articleAmong the winners this week, Bentley College (pictured)

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Penn State Pulls Double at Big 10

image for this articleWords and photos Brad Davis.

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Women's Premiership Latest

image for this articleBig scores in three of the games and one very close one, which throws the East for a loop.

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Stony Brook Goes 4-0

image for this articleClose game and dramatic finish keeps Stony Brook perfect in MetNY.

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Air Force Men Down Lobos

image for this articleThe United States Air Force Academy rebounded from their loss at Utah to beat New Mexico 46-18 in their opening West RFU West league match.

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