IVF why many couples go abroad

IVF, why many couples go abroad

To realize the dream of becoming parents, if it proves difficult to procreate naturally, one can undertake various treatments, such as IVF, in vitro fertilization, which consists of uniting the egg with the sperm (from the donor or spouse) in the laboratory ( in vitro, precisely) to obtain already fertilized embryos to be transferred into the mother's uterus.

In Italy there are several specialized centers Where One Can Undertake This Pathway

They are public or private centers but of the downside of having long wait Times or being very expensive.

And these are Some of the Reasons Why Many Couples Travel Abrod to Undergo This Treatment.

Surveys Show That This is about 3.000 Couples A Year Out of 14.000 Total Cases.

According to the president of Siru (Italian Society of Human Reproduction) Antonino Guglielmino, These Couples Are Forced to do So Because of Italian Disagreness and Little "Assistance" from the National Health System, Given That Assisted Medical Procreation (PMA) Practices in Italy are still not part of the leas (Essential Levels of Care), despite the fact That in 2017 they became part of it.

According to Guglielmino "treatment and services for Pma should be guaranteed by the National Health System throughout Italy, either free of charge or upon payment of a co-pay (determined by individual regions)".

The timing of obtaining a definite diagnosis

In addition, the time to get a definite diagnosis of infertility is also very long (sometimes it takes 4 years to give this news to couples in Italy): by this time it may be too late or too difficult to be able to follow up with treatments effectively.

Other reasons for moving abroad to follow the IVF route is "discretion": many couples are ashamed that someone might know about their infertility problems and feel discriminated against because of this.

This "migration" of couples abroad to have a child is a paradox given that IVF treatments in Italy are of the highest quality and employ the highest level of technology.