Fruits and Vegetables in Season Savoy Cabbage Cleanses The Respiratory Tract

Fruits and Vegetables in Season: Cabbage Cleanses The Respiration Tract

In the path on the qualities of seasonal fruits and vegetables that weekly addresses the "Sportello dei Diritti”, how can we not dwell on Savoy cabbage, a typical product of the month of November. As Wikipedia reminds us, savoy cabbage or Savoy cabbage
(Brassica oleracea var. Savoy L.), also known as Milan cabbage (or Lombardy cabbage and Savoy cabbage), is a
Brassica oleracea variety similar to cabbage, but unlike the latter it has wrinkled, rippled leaves
And with prominent ribs.

The plant

A biennial plant with not very deep taproot, it possesses erect stems, rarely longer than the
30 centimeters. The ball, green or purplish-red, is not very compact; the inner leaves are yellowish-white. Comes
Grown in Various Parts of d ’ Italy and is a well-known Vegetable But Perhaps Not Everyone Knows That it is a food
invaluable to our health since among its beneficial properties it can boast so many healing effects,
Very important diuretics and nutrients for our body.

Suffice it to say that the ancient Greeks even considered it a sacred plant. Inexhaustible source of mineral salts
and vitamins, is an excellent restorative for our body and an important ally of our system
Immunity: it can be associated as food during times when people suffer from respiratory conditions such as bronchitis,
allergies, coughs and asthma, but also for diseases of the digestive system, since it is rich in folate.

The benefits

But the great benefits of savoy cabbage are also discernible from its decoctions: the water derived from cooking, in fact, has
important analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for our epidermis, perfect for soothing inflammation and
reabsorb pimples.

Finally, The ’ High Presence of Vitamin K Makes Savoy Cabbage An Incredible Food for the Treatment of Atherosclerosis and
High Blood Pressure. Lastutely, A Product of Nature that for Giovanni d ’ Agata, President of the "Desk of
RIGHTS, ITS is a Panacea Worth Tasting During This Very Season.