Shyness in Widespread Expression of Anxiety

Shyness, in Widespread Expression of Anxiety

At a More or Less Conscious Level, Being Confront with a New Person or Contexts, We All Wonder 'Will I Like?',' Will they accept me '?',' I will make a good impression '?'. It is the uncertainty in the face of novelty that, in the social context, adds to the fear of being judged disapproved or not accepted. In Some People, However, This Type of Anxiety Becomes Excessive and Generates Behavors Bordering on the Pathological. Shyness Is a Very Common Case of Social Anxiety.

An experience that at Least Once in Our Lives We Have All Experienced. They range from Severely Disbbling Manifestonions to Morence Nuered Occasional Ones Or Those Related to very specific situations (Stage Froun, Fear of the Audience). These Some Circumstances That Causes Great Trepidation in Those with Social Anxiety: Buying in Stores, Ask the Clerk Something; Write AHEAD OF OTHERS MAKES THEM FEAR THAT THEIR HANDS MAY SHAKE BY SLARGING STUDID; The embarrassment of the phone Is Related to the fear of Saying Something Wrong or Long Silences; tea eat In Company Arouses Very Strong Discomfort That in Extremed Cases is Expressed Not Only in Foreign Places But Also at Home with Family Members; urinating When there are Other People Around is a Function Knocked Out by Anxiety About.